The role of today’s CPA has changed more over the last decade than ever before, and we’ve changed to serve you better. No longer the number crunchers of yesteryear, today’s CPA firm must not only provide assistance with reporting the facts, they must also be strategic consultants, which, when teamed with your management, can carry your business successfully into the future.

Our collective experience spans a broad spectrum of industries, allowing us to provide solutions uniquely tailored to your individual situation. We specialize in servicing closely held entities and family-owned businesses including small and emerging businesses as well as providing services to not-for-profit organizations, local governments, and individuals.

By learning everything we can about your business and your industry, we are able to function as the trusted advisor you expect us to be. In addition, we maintain ongoing relationships with other area professionals who can be called on to provide assistance when needed. We work closely with banking professionals to assist in obtaining financing for your business ventures. When the need for legal counsel arises, we can suggest law firms suited to your requirements. We also work with a variety of insurance agents, real estate professionals, and investment brokers who are available to help when needed.